Where is Marble Canyon off road trail?

I've heard a lot about an off-road 4x4 trail called Marble Canyon but it seems to be a big secret and nobody will post the actual location of the trail.
I know that it's somewhere around Silverwood lake or Hesperia Lake and some people call it "The Bar Trail".
Does anybody know what the actual location of Marble Canyon or The Bar Trail is??


I've never heard it called Marble Canyon and it's no secret to anybody that I know but "The Bar Trail" is just off of Arrowhead Lake Road in Hesperia, behind the Joshua Inn which is a bar. That's how the trail got it's name "The Bar Trail" .. I can see why somebody would call it Marble Canyon too because the rocks all along the trail are round and they move around like marbles under your tires. I think a better name would be "Bowling Ball Canyon" ..
The trail is about 2 miles behind the Joshua Inn, basically in the canyon that runs below the electric line road. It's a great trail, but very difficult and not recommended unless you have 35" tires and a good lift on your Jeep.

never heard of it

its a fun trail but difficult

This trail is no joke it has some big rocks.

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