What's the best place to fly a drone in Rancho Cucamonga?

I just purchased a new quadcopter (Phantom 3 Advanced) and was planning to take it over to Day Creek Park to practice. On a whim I did a Google search to see if there were any rules against flying in Rancho Cucamonga and found that indeed it is against the law (local code) to fly a drone in the parks in Rancho Cucamonga.

So what is a good place to fly legally in Rancho?


When I first got my DJI Phantom 2 I practiced flying in the big empty field area at the northeast corner of Wilson and Etiwanda Ave.

I don't know if it's actually legal or not or if it's technically private property but stay low and dont buzz the houses nearby and I dont think anyone will care. Watch out for the high-voltage powerlines on the north side.

You could fly in The North Etiwanda Preserve. If you check the preserve's website there is nothing in the rules about no drone flying.

Earlier this week I flew my drone in the big empty lot at the corner of Wilson and Etiwanda. It's a huge area, but there are some issues with flying there.
First, there is a huge cell-tower at the southern border, right in the middle, so you have to stay clear of it. Second, there are high-power lines 1/2 mile or so away at the northern area, so gotta stay away from those. Third, it's very rugged/lots of thick bushes so if your drone should go down out in the middle somewhere it would be difficult to find.
Finally, it's all private property. There is a sign at the entrance stating it's private property but what I did not know is that the southern section, close to the businesses along the south end is also private property even though there is no sign. Nobody seemed to care that I was flying there, but the Sheriff came by and told me that I could not park on the lot because it was private property and the owners didnt want anyone parking there.
So if you fly here, park in a legal parking spot on the street.

I just fly it on my street.

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