Urban Exploring in or near Riverside

I'm going back to Riverside from San Francisco and was wondering if anyone knew of any abandoned buildings or areas that not many people go to? I love exploring since there is an abundance of these locations around me and I like to see these places almost frozen in time. I've looked around Riverside and have only found graffiti waterfalls, the portal, and a bunker in Fontana. Does anyone know any other locations or at least clues on how to find them?


Lots of stuff along the old Rt 66 through Cajon Pass.. There are also some old CCC camps and ranger stations from the 20's and 30's in the hills above Rancho Cucamonga, Etiwanda. See these two pages:
Ghost town above Rancho Cucamonga
CCC camp near Rancho Cucamonga

There is an abandoned building across the street from Fairmount Park. Also, there is also the Norco power house that isn't too far from riverside.

You know the exact location of the abandoned building across from Fairmount Park? Any abandoned warehouses near?

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