Sunnyslope Cemetery in Beaumont

We recently visited the Sunnyslope graveyard in Beaumont to do some EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recording sessions. Sunnyslope isn't a very old cemetery but it is widely reported to be haunted. The stories indicate a phantom grounds keeper that disappears into his haunted shed, cold hands touching you, and hearing screaming, moaning and people talking when no one is around.

The Sunnyslope cemetery is located at 40 Pennsylvania Ave in Beaumont - basically at the dead-end of Pennsylvania Avenue. Signs posted around the graveyard indicate that the gates are closed at 5pm. However the wall at the very south end of the graveyard is very short and could very easily be stepped-over by trespassers.

We arrived at the graveyard at approximately 9pm and found the small walk-in gate near the south end of the cemetery not only unlocked, but wide-open. We took this as a invitation to enter the graveyard and talk to the spirits!

We stopped at several graves, both new and old, for our EVP recording sessions. We spoke-out by name to the deceased based on the grave markers and tried to engage in short conversations. We were at the graveyard for a total of about an hour.

Unfortunately we could not find the ghost of the cemetery grounds keeper, we heard no screaming or voices, and our EVP sessions picked up nothing other than traffic noise from the nearby 10 freeway.


Surprise, surprise.. Nothing more than scary sounds of the 10 freeway ...


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