Pioneer Ghost Girl in Fontana (YouTube Video)

Hi, I just came across a really creepy video on YouTube of a limping ghost of a girl walking in the night apparently caught on a night vision camera. I'm not into video editing and honestly can't tell if it is a morphed video or real but my gut feels like it is real. 

So check it out for yourselves - maybe someone can add to this story I've not heard about it before but frankly the video gives me the creeps to the point it is plausible in my opinion as real



This is so plainly and obviously fake, you would literally have to be retarded to believe it is real.
Not to mention, that if it were real, it would be the biggest story in human history, as never, ever, once has a ghost been proven to be real - if we were to ever have proof of a ghost, meaning proof of some kind of life after death, the world would turn upside down - it would be bigger news than if aliens landed on The Whitehouse lawn.
Don't be so gullible.

As others have already pointed out, this is clearly fake, complete with spooky music to set the mood.
The blacked-out eyes with the makeup running down the cheeks is a new "ghost meme" that has become popular in the last 5-10 years since it was used in a big Hollywood movie. It's funny how so many 'real ghosts' suddenly started using this same makeup technique only after that movie was released.

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