Decades Long wait is over as bridge over rails opens 3 months early.....

After nearly 50 years in the making, the long awaited North San Bernardino University Parkway bridge over the UP and BNSF tracks is completed. All that remains now is to clean up the tons of bits of concrete and shiny drill shavings that still sit on the dirt embankments bordering smooth concrete and asphalt.

Padua Hills lives on....

Despite brush fires, two earthquakes and numerous other calamities including heavy flooding during the 1969 floods, Padua Hill Theatre and Dinning still survives the decades.

The Padua Hills Theatre is located in the hills of Claremont, California at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains and the MT. Baldy Resort. It is in a very natural setting with a very tranquil feel with the surrounding natural beauty.

The US flag still flies at Cement MT. In Colton

Located on the southern side of the 10 freeway in Colton on Slover, Cement Mountain has been a physical icon of the inland empire for over 150 years.

I remember as a kid going by the mountain on the 10 freeway with my parents on my way to my uncles house in Colton. Back then the MT was estimated to still be around 700 feet high. I often wondered how long it would be before the mountain disappeared and if they would stop digging and blasting for cement.