Looking for a Home in a XMAS light display Block to set up my photo booth

I'm Insured and it would be a proift sharing type of written deal. Ive been in business for 1 year and we would be charging 15.00 for 2 4x6 photos 1 Frame and a free email of the image. Photo Props include Xmas pull over costumes-Hand held paper props on a stick. I am fully insured and I would add your address to the policy for the time I am there. It would be a 4pm set up with me leaving at 11pm

You will be paid on a weekly basis with a detailed report.

Think about it

smoke stacks in Jurupa Valley

I live on Corte Castillo in Jurupa Valley. At the end of the street is a trail. The trail leads to 2 formations that look like smoke stacks. There is structure that resembles a large swimming pool. There is an old cell tower. Further on is a reservoir with small fish and water life. We are extremely curious about what was once there. We've asked long time residents and they have no answers. Please help inform us!