Where is Marble Canyon off road trail?

I've heard a lot about an off-road 4x4 trail called Marble Canyon but it seems to be a big secret and nobody will post the actual location of the trail.
I know that it's somewhere around Silverwood lake or Hesperia Lake and some people call it "The Bar Trail".
Does anybody know what the actual location of Marble Canyon or The Bar Trail is??

Pioneer Ghost Girl in Fontana (YouTube Video)

Hi, I just came across a really creepy video on YouTube of a limping ghost of a girl walking in the night apparently caught on a night vision camera. I'm not into video editing and honestly can't tell if it is a morphed video or real but my gut feels like it is real. 

So check it out for yourselves - maybe someone can add to this story I've not heard about it before but frankly the video gives me the creeps to the point it is plausible in my opinion as real

Ghost at Sunnyslope Graveyard

I am hesitant to post my full encounter. Only because it is 100% true, but, totally sounds like something outta a cheesy scary movie. Additionally, my backyard faces the cemetery and I would hate to attract late night weirdos looking for a thrill to the cemetery... keeping me up all night. Prior to moving here, I had not experienced anything like what I have encountered here in my home and in the surrounding area.