Mt Vernon Newsstand in San Bernardino

Back in olden times before the internet and all the new technologies there used to be more magazines and periodic publications of various kinds. Before the rise of major bookstore chains like Barnes and Noble and Borders there were a few independent news stands around that carried a selection of magazines and periodicals probably equal to what you would subsequently see in a major chain bookstore.

The best known local news stand in San Bernardino was "Mt Vernon News" which was located on the west side of Mt Vernon Avenue near Birch Street. Some people might classify the area as Colton since the neighborhood is a mix.

"Mt Vernon News", pretty much a hole-in-wall store, was primarily active from the 1950's into the 1970's. Anything that was published for public consumption was pretty much available there. While over half the store was general publications it had a small area of "Adult" magazines that turned out to be the basis of a number of legal issues over the years. Back in the 1960's and 1970's a number of adult periodicals were published as nudist magazines to make them more acceptable. They also carried Racing Forum (horse races) and various "underground" newspapers such as the Los Angeles Free Press.

The business seemed to fade out and become largely inactive with the general decline in business in San Bernardino along with the closure of Norton AFB and the decline of Central City Mall.


Mt Vernon Newsstand in San Bernardino. Yes writing this now in October of 2020. I'm remembering this little neighborhood newsstand was a gold mine for Halloween treats for us kids. Those big red wax lips, the vampire teeth and the little wax bottles filled with colored refreshments. It was a fun, delicious regular little neighborhood delight to go there.

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