Lost Lake sucks

I went to Lost Lake [in the Cajon Pass] on Fourth of July and it was the worst place ever. It was in the middle of absolutely no where. There were a ton of people that looked very scary and gross. There was a guy in the middle of the bushes with a knife stabbing a tree. & then around the side of the lake there was what looked like dirt. But my boyfriend went to walk around it and fell in quick sand and luckily got out fast enough but sadly lost his Jordan sandles. It smelt like shit and was very dirty with trash everywhere. I would not recommend to even take children here. After even being there for 20 minutes I refused to get in the water it looks disgusting and dirty. DONT EVER GO HERE.


yah, it's pretty ghetto. It's not even big enough to be called a 'lake', it's more like a dirty puddle. Maybe it was nice 40 years ago but it's a sh!thole now and it seems to attract sh!thole people.

hopefully with the recent rain Lost Lake will go back from a mud puddle to at least a pond.

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