Haunted mission inn hotel

All night me and my mom felt like we were being watched and could see shadows that were not if us! All night my sister was screaming at the top of her lungs while she was asleep!! And my nephew was waking up at night more then he normally does...I hope this can help with your experince by the way room 429!


Well if THIS is not clear evidence of ghosts at the Mission Inn, I dont know what is.. *rolls eyes*

Way Back When our family took the tour of the Mission Inn. I'm a long way from the inland empire and have not been back in decades but vividly recall the tour. This was probably around 1962.

The tours went through the catacombs of the old mission in and were creepier than shit.
It is my understanding they stopped them before the place later shut down and have not again offered the tours since reopening with the former tour area off limits.

Based on what I saw and felt there it was definitely haunted it wasn't just one thing but many things. The place is steeped in history...

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