Haunted Highway 74 in Perris, CA

I have been researching the paranormal for many years and we used to have a business of Hwy74, Perris, so I had to drive it at night often and became aware of the 'great happenings' on this Highway. My experiences are not 'make believe' or 'wanna' be's', they are real and if you are into researching the paranormal, just go, park midway into Hwy74 and walk along the Hwy. Listen, pay attention, use your cameras and audios and you will be very surprised what you'll find.
Here is one constant appearance: Before the liquor store/market (on the left) right before River Rd., let's say about half a mile before the liquor store if you are coming from the Lake Elsinore site, you will encounter a small girl, appearing in black and white, walking with a dog along the highway. The apparitions are well visible! They seem to interact, even though I am not sure but I've had her stop and turn many times, looking at me.
In that same area, a African American man will come out of nowhere and just cross the Hwy, causing us to hit the brakes numerous times, only to find out that there was 'no one' there. He also will look right at you in your car.
There is many other encounters I've experienced on the Hwy there but these 2 have been there since 2000, when we had our business warehouse in Perris.
Other visible apparitions on the Hwy: 2 younger men with a wrecked car, trying to push it from the site ditch.
Several dog apparitions everywhere.
Think what you want, just go and do your own research :)


If anyone 'seriously' would like to get together some day and do a group walk/research, I will gladly go with you. Send me a comment :)

I would like to hear and see more of your stories . I have some as well

Im more than down to go explore Hwy 74

My wife and i have made several trips up to lake Hemet and heard voices from along the road calling out to us in the dark when no one was around . One was of a young girl another of an older man, we have taken photos that have ghostly orbs and even phantom faces, and another time we unseen forces were in our vehicle attempting to make the vehicle go faster on the downhill slope coming from Idiwylde ...all during drives along desserted stretches of 74... And if u dont believe me just take an evening drive after sunset up or down the hwy going to lake hemet with your windows down!

Ghosts and spirits are real do not ignore them listen 2 them they are bringing us messages

I live in elsinore and used to live in perris. I've traveled 74 many, many times. Im gonna have to really go look now. Intriguing story.

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