Apple Valley Inn (Neurology Rehab Clinic)

In Apple Valley, more precisely, the Neurology Rehab Clinic, used to be the old Apple Valley Inn is reported to have 3 ghosts. One man hung himself, another man murdered his wife and no one is sure about what happened to the third one. The man who hung himself is always seen dressed in white and is seen only at a certain part of the old building. The man who murdered his wife is sometimes seen just at sunset as he sometimes can be seen walking across the parking lot, but then he disappears. None of the ghosts appear to be harmful.....The rehab center is now a private school for the mentally challenged.. That should really keep their spirits up right.....And there is a soil company there and an old barbershop and rumor has it that it has been remolded once again in the hopes of getting rid of the ghosts. No word whether or not it has worked or not.


I am wondering about the old Apple Valley Inn. Is that the same building as the old "hilltop house" in the A.Valley area that was glass all around that had the inside/outside pool? I noticed there's a video tour of it on youtube but not sure if it's the same building or not.

My Mom and Dad both worked up there. They said they would see and hear weird things. They said they seen a lady in a white dress run across the parking lot too. There is also a Man in a brown suit that people see too. He is in the front lobby of the main building.

I go to school at the Apple Valley Inn and we hear and see crazy things at night. This place is still haunted to this day and its scary at night. The building doors, windows move like someone is trying to get in.

Whoaa..freaky.. Almost like the wind is blowing outside or something?!

I went to that school in the 90s there was crazy shit there I never want to set foot there again

I was living there briefly in 1995 while it was still a neuro rehab center and I have never seen anything strange there. I lived in one of the rooms that was one of the "luxury suites" and used to go into the main lobby on a daily basis. Never once saw a thing. I think people are just bored and need to make up B.S. just for fun.

Good luck with that.

Does anyone know the address or where it's located iv always wanted to go there but noone knows where it's at? Please email me if you know the address

this location is great to open a new business ... i wondering if is for sale

I lived there when i was 15 it was not a good place

Can you tell us more of why it was "not a good place" ?


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