Ghost Ticket Agent at Pacific Electric Etiwanda Station

Since we are talking ghost stories I've heard for many years there is still a ghost ticket agent doing his paperwork at the now abandoned Etiwanda Pacific Electric Station. This is on the bike and hiking path in Rancho Cucamonga.

Back when I was a kid the Pacific Electric Station was mostly abandoned but I recall going to the Fontana Freight Station to the Railway Express Agency and getting a bike my uncle had sent to me. The old Fontana station is an art gallery, REA was a lot like UPS is today but you often went to the station to get a package rather than them delivering it. Pacific Electric ran trains were a lot like Metro Link is today but also hauled packages. Etiwanda had two stations the other one was so trashed it was torn down. The remaining one is being restored as a museum by the City of Rancho Cucamonga. Legend has it late at night you can see the agent doing his work in the ticket office. Back in the old days they had to punch and tare old tickets and count their cash against them. No Apple Pay back then.

Any stories or information is appreciated. The only other remaining Pacific Electric passenger station building is in Rialto and now a fast food place, before that it was a radiator shop for a long time.


Is this along the Pacific Electric Trail, near Grapeland Elementary? Right under that overpass seems to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, but I never see or hear anyone talk about it. Makes me feel like it's just me

Been spending a little bit of time checking this out. So far I've been twice, right around sunset and it's FOR SURE haunted. I tried addressing the spirit from outside and it immediately felt like time froze. My girlfriend and I looked at each other with serious "oh shit" faces and started hearing some muffled/distorted/metallic noise from inside. At first it sounded like someone getting out of their seat and walking to the window. Then I heard a very clear "hellllooooooo" that also seemed really distant. I've been skeptical about ghosts and whatnot, but I'm convinced.

Next time I went, I kinda just stood around and looked at the building. It's all boarded up so you can't see in. Tried addressing it once more, but nothing happened. Then I walked up the trail a bit and noticed a metal gate door was swinging back and forth pretty violently but there wasn't a trace of wind. I spoke out loud and asked if someone was there and the gate opened all the way, like it was being pushed.

Whatever is there, I don't think it's sinister. Creepy, yeah, but maybe just lonely and dedicated to the job? Idk, any other experiences or info would be greatly appreciated

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