Ghost at Sunnyslope Graveyard

I am hesitant to post my full encounter. Only because it is 100% true, but, totally sounds like something outta a cheesy scary movie. Additionally, my backyard faces the cemetery and I would hate to attract late night weirdos looking for a thrill to the cemetery... keeping me up all night. Prior to moving here, I had not experienced anything like what I have encountered here in my home and in the surrounding area.

Odd/scary things happen in my home. I think it's all due to the cemetery. Last nights occurrence is what prompted me to research the cemetery finally. I found this website which kind of shed some light, but, did not account for what I saw last night. I didn't realize I was seeing a ghost until maybe a half an hour of trying to rationalize the irrational. I want to say, that prior to last night, I have never in my entire life seen a full body apparition. In the movies, they are portrayed with a glowing light and float. This was not that. I thought it was some weirdo walking the road of the cemetery. I woke up for no reason at 12:19am. Looked out my window because the neighbors dog was growling. It took a while to realize this.

This night was foggy and cold. Seeing a young athletic built man in shorts and a t-shirt is odd. He had cute lil white dog walking in front of him with no leash. When he was directly in front of my window from the street, he looked toward me. He had NO facial features. Startled I stepped away from the window. I went back to look out thinking this must be my eyes playing tricks on me. As he walked near the street, two cars passed him. Once the street was calm, I saw a horizontal bright green light flash and this man disappeared. Sounds cheesy and phony I know, but I hope that sharing this experience will help others who have also seen this as well.

If anyone has info on this particular guy/apparition, I'd like to know. Hopefully we all can get some answers.


you're right it does sound like something out of a cheesy scary movie!

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