Fontana Roadside Rest on I-10

There was a "Roadside Rest" on the westbound side of I-10 right about Elm and Beech Streets. Travelers could stop, relax, and stretch their legs before they did their final stint on the California freeways into Los Angeles, Orange County, or wherever their final destination was. Unlike many other rest stops it was not paired with a similar rest stop on the other side of the freeway for traffic headed in the other direction.

For Fontana locals it was quite easy to get to, just a quick entry onto Westbound I-10 at Citrus, drive into the rest stop to do your business, and then a quick exit from I-10 at Cherry and you were on your way again.

It became a problem for local police and the highway patrol because, being in an urban area, it became a popular spot for drug deals, illicit sex activities, and all manner of stuff. A newspaper even ran a story of an arrest at the roadside rest for two men who were seen "kissing", scandalous behavior indeed back in those days.

The simple remedy for the problems was simply to close the rest stop down. So it was closed and has remained unused for over 25 years. If you look at the satellite view on Google Maps or Google Earth you can clearly seen the former rest stop, it's not far west of the former Belair Drive-in at Valley Blvd and Catawba where curved parking layouts for the former drive-in can still be discerned.


Cal-Trans now uses it for equipment storage, gravel and soil storage and training grounds for various heavy equipment/tractors.

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