Real Haunted House in Fontana

Yes I lived in a haunted home located on Juniper Ave between Slover and Santa Ana.

I went to see this two story home in 1997 to rent. There was two men moving their stuff out of the house. They were renting the place but broke the lease and the owners told them if they could find other renters they would release them from their lease. I went inside and one man showed me around while the other man was frantically moving stuff out in a hurry and throwing them in his truck. I asked if I could got upstairs to look around then they both looked at each other and told me to go ahead but they wouldn't go up there with me.

I loved the place and decided to rent it with my husband and 3 boys. One early morning I was asleep and I woke up and heard scratching and thumping sounds coming from the roof or attic. I couldn't figure out what the noise was. That's just the start of everything else to follow. My youngest son would not sleep in his room he was so freaked out always screaming and so scared to go in there, let alone sleep in there. I let him lay in bed with my husband and I slept in his room. I barely fell asleep and something was sitting on top of me holding me down. I was awake cause I could see my surroundings of the room. I tried to get up but I couldn't I finally fought off whatever was holding me down and then I heard horrible laughing. I was so scared I ran into my bedroom and told my husband what happened. He decided to try and sleep in there and the same thing happened to him! When my husband would come home from work at night he could see someone peering out the top window above the front door. We thought how could that be possible since the window was 10 feet up to the top of the vaulted ceiling.

In the mornings when I would get ready for work I was sitting at the vanity and the doorknob to my room would turn slowly and the door would slowly open up. I would say my boys' names to see if it was one of them on the other side of the door. The door would then slam shut I would jump up and run and open the door and there was no one there. My boys would all be asleep. On some nights we would hear loud sounds of a multitude of dogs barking then all at once they would stop at the same time. The barking would start out low and then get very loud as though they were in our back yard. At night I would hear the bathroom door open and shut over and over. I would get up and there was no one.

One night I was laying down with my bedroom door open I looked down the hall and I saw a little boy running towards my boys rooms. I saw the back of him and he was so young I saw his pants, shirt and he was wearing suspenders that were crossed in the back. I got up and ran to where I saw him run into one of the rooms but there was only two of my boys playing. There was another time my husband and I were sitting on the living room couch and the house had a heavy swing door that led into the dining room. This door was pushed open as though someone was holding it open for a little bit then it swung shut. Again we ran through the door and there was no one.

I was taking my youngest son a bath and I had his clothes folded neatly with his shoes and socks and placed them on the counter. After I gave my son a bath I turned to grab his clothes and they were gone. I looked over to the other side of my bedroom and there were all his clothes and shoes thrown everywhere around the room. Things would always go missing and turn up someplace else. We all decided to sleep downstairs in the living room because we were so afraid. At night you could hear noises upstairs like running and doors closing. We had enough and decided to move. On moving day my mom came over to help out. She saw our neighbor outside raking in the yard. We never spoke to him while we lived there but waved all the time to each other. She asked him if there were ever any small children living in the home and he asked why? She just told him that she was just wondering. I then walked outside and he said "Your mom was asking if there were any small kids that lived in the house, again he asked me why? I said the same thing that she was just wondering. He paused and stared at me for awhile and blurted out "You saw that little ghost boy didn't you"? I looked at him and all the hairs on my neck and arm stood up!! I said yes! He said that the little ghost boy was at his house and he began to tell me everything that we had experienced he experienced also. He said he had to get a priest to come and bless his house and after that everything was fine. I said yeah he just jumped over to my house! I went back inside and told my family what had happened, they were all shocked. We kept packing our stuff and my youngest son had a Mickey Mouse guitar that played music. I took it from him to pack and the battery compartment was loose. I removed it and there were no batteries in it!! It continued to play in that house and as soon as we moved to our new place it never played again.

Our landlord called me after we moved and asked me if we ever had any problems with the alarm system to the house. I told them no, I asked why and they said the alarm keeps going off and there is no one there. I believe that area to be very haunted and I believe all of you stating your experiences with hauntings in that area are definitely telling the truth. Keep those prayers going.


What is/was the address of the haunted house on Juniper in Fontana?

I just saw your message. Address is 10795 Juniper Ave

My family and I moved to south Fontana in 03 or 04. Our backyard faced Jurupa, directly across from the stater bros. I remember being home on a Friday afternoon after school. I was watching avatar the last air bender when suddenly I seen a small figure run from the bathroom to my brothers room. I totally froze and couldn’t move because what I just witnessed. It was a small boy with a blanket over him, pitch black in color. There were a lot of instances where I’ll experience stuff. One was when I just got home from track practice back in 2007. I remember my mom dropping me off at home and telling me that she was gonna run to the store real quick. I was home alone and thought nothing of it, however when I was watching tv in my room, I suddenly heard someone going through our pantry as well as footsteps in the kitchen. I called my mom thinking someone was in the house. Soon to find out, no one was there. I have more stories but there is something going on with that land. We live in upland now, so we haven’t experienced anything since.

Near the Target center?

I live off of banana and jurupa near kaiser. Everywhere you go has ghosts and spirits, as someone who has a family history of women with a intuitive nature, this is nothing new to me.... However, it is increased in certain areas, so here in southridge, around where my husbands family lives off Randall past the 10, and various other places have increased activity. For example, these large tall humanoid thin black figures that look like shadow people but crawl like spiders that have super long limbs (they are terrifying but harmless) they just roam (everywhere).. In my house its increased because i actively search out the paranormal,the most common spirit here is a little boy with reddish brown hair, a bright red shirt, blue washed denim shorts, and white sneakers. Just yesterday my stuff in my shower went flying despite it being impossible since realistically the only way it should've done that is if someone physically pushed or knocked it over. Stuff gets moved,doors closed, tv's turned on, faucets turned on...etc. Nothing malicious but yeah. And when that bad accident happened on jurupa where the guy crashed into a tree, we sat on the side of the road with our widows rolled up in the car and my sister still caught an EVP as clear as day (sounding like a man was in the car despite it just being her, me(also female), and my mom) saying "help me, I'm stuck and i can't get out"(the guy's car was crushed into the tree(if you remember which accident im talking about) needless to say we were super scared. I wouldn't be surprised with increased levels of paranormal activity here there is so many deaths on these street corners and at lights and stuff, so many accidents and who knows what went on back then when this development wasn't here.

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