Apple Valley

How to drive in the snow; put your girl friend on the hood of the car

Four of us had gone up to Baldy Village to watch the snow storm come in and it was only supposed to be about two inches of snow....No problem I knew how to drive in that kind of snow....So I and Syd, my girlfriend at the time and two others sat up at the village waiting for the storm to come in....We were all comfy in the car with blankets, food and beer...If you have been in the mountains during a snowfall it can be really soothing refreshing.
Only problem s that when it started to snow, it snowed hard and we measured about 6 inches in a couple of hours....So we decided it was time to head back the gill towards San Antonio Dam....I figured it would not be snowing down at 2500 feet....Boy was I wrong.
As we came down the hill the snow got harder, and by the time we had reached the first tunnel going down I decided i needed to redistribute the weight in the car....It was a long bed station wagon and I was having a hard time keeping the car pointed in the right direction.