Apple Valley

Grand opening of New Club 6.22.12

The Function Friday nights inside Mexicali Bar and Grill located 1690 Spruce St. Riverside CA 92507. Offering weekly events, parties, concerts and social mixers from 9pm to 2am The Function is one of the hottest networks for mingling, dancing, and partying in the Inland Empire. Featuring live performances from the artist you love The Function is the IE'S premier nightlife destination for Friday night fun and entertainment. Events are 21 plus. Bar happy hours are 7pm-9pm. For more information or guest list call (310)402-8626 email

Apple Valley Inn (Neurology Rehab Clinic)

In Apple Valley, more precisely, the Neurology Rehab Clinic, used to be the old Apple Valley Inn is reported to have 3 ghosts. One man hung himself, another man murdered his wife and no one is sure about what happened to the third one. The man who hung himself is always seen dressed in white and is seen only at a certain part of the old building. The man who murdered his wife is sometimes seen just at sunset as he sometimes can be seen walking across the parking lot, but then he disappears.

He said he wanted to be stuffed just like his Horse Trigger....

The City of Victorville, said no way Roy Rogers

For years, as I headed up to Victorville to work in the Courts, I was always fascinated by the 'Fort' just to the North of the court complex, so one day I had some time before I headed back down the hill to home, so i thought I would stop in and see what this place was all about....I'm glad I did....I saw Roy Rogers just before he died....His wife Dale was down in Irvine at Trinity Broadcasting recording her one hour Gospel Hour.

He was in his late 80's and still able to talk to people, and take them on short tours....His favorite exhibit was of course his preserved Trigger....His favorite phrase was, "When I die I want to be stuffed and left standing next to my Horse"