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The City of Chino is centrally located in the western portion of the Inland Empire, in the lush valley below the San Gabriel Valley Mountains and north of Norco Corona area. The city was Incorporated in 1910. Chino is also a well know Dairy Farm Preserve. Early Portuguese Settles brought there long established traditions of making cheeses and milk with them from the old country and during the early 60's through the late 90's the area thrived and was also well know for its corn, wheat, hay and soy bean crops.

Even today as you travel either way on the 15 freeway you can see the evidence of the daily farms and thousands of acres of farmland. Chino’s rich agricultural history dates back to the Spanish land grant forming Rancho Santa Ana del Chino. Today new homes and new businesses are attracted to Chino because it offers modern facilities, reasonable lease rates, competitive labor costs and un-congested access to logistic centers such as Ontario International Airport, UPS, several cross-dock trucking hubs and the BNSF intermodal rail yard in San Bernardino. The 60, 71 and 91 freeways also bound Chino. Additionally, Chino has it’s own municipal airport which is host to the renowned Chino Air Show each year.

But because of this change in dynamics of the city, The Chino Preserve has been formed and is an area of approximately 5,435 acres of former and existing farm and dairy property located south of Kimball Avenue, north of State Route 71, west of Hellman Avenue, and east of Euclid Avenue. The area was annexed to the City of Chino in July 2003. Approximately half of the area will consist of residential, commercial, industrial and airport-related development. The other half will remain as open space, for natural, recreational, and agricultural uses.

Today Chino has a population of about 74,000 and is expected to over 100,000 in the next 10 years. Chino is also referred to as the city of Prisons. Nearly 1/8 of the cities population are in the 3 primary prisons of the area. Chino Men's Minimum Prison, The Chino Women's Prison and the California Youth Authority house nearly 5400 prisoners ranging in age from 13 to 74.

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