Best places in the Inland Empire for off-roading?

I am new to the Inland Empire (Fontana) and am looking for some good places for offroading and 4x4ing. Nothing rough but something more than just fire roads.


You live in the perfect spot because there are a few areas very close to you. The best is Cleghorn. Take Interstate 15 North to the Cleghorn exit and turn right. Go up the road a few hundred yards and you'll see the gate to the beginning of the trail. It is mostly fire-road but as you get up several miles you will start to see where the road splits. Usually there is a tough-hill to climb on the left and the fire road goes around to the right. The trail is about 15 miles long and exits at Highway 138 right near Silverwood Lake. One word of caution - at virtually all of the splits you can see the hill/rough spot so you can decide if you want to do it or not, except ONE.. About half-way through, you will get to what we call "the devils punchbowl" which is a giant, round hole in the ground - you can't miss it. If you go straight on the road, you will go through a very rough, rocky, off-camber area. If you go left at the punchbowl you will stay on the fire road. Cleghorn is my favorite trail!
There is also Lytle Creek which is basically dirt road with a few fire-trails that you can turn-off on. You can take it all the way to the end, past the (2nd) shooting-range and go all the way up over the ridge of the mountains, called "Gobblers Knob", then back down toward Interstate 15.. Not really "off road" since its smooth fire-road.
You can go further north on Interstate 15 into Victorville/Oro Grande and find a lot of easy/moderate trails there. A little further north of that is Stoddard Wells which has some extreme rock-crawling. A bit north of that is Calico, which has some moderate to extreme Jeep trails.
If you go east on the 210 Freeway you can go up to Big Bear which some some great Jeep trails like Gold Mountain, White Mountain, Disphan, John Bull, Holcomb, and more.
Dozens of great places all within an hour drive or less!

Don't forget about 2N17X, also sometimes called Pilot Rock Truck Trail on the other side of Silverwood Lake!
They are actually two different trails. They both start at the same point near the dam but about 1/2 mile in you will see where the road splits. To the left is the "Gatekeeper" to 2N17X - a near-vertical wall you have to climb up, then a long, steep hill. If you stay straight you will be on "Pilot Rock Truck Trail" which is basically a fire road. They meet up several miles later but the 2N17X way is a little hard-core with some steep, rocky hills and narrow ridges.

Ahh yes! That gatekeeper at 2N17X is a bit extreme! The first time I ever tried it I could not get my Jeep up and had to go around on the "Truck Trail".. Since then I've been up it about 10 times. Each time, it makes me nervous.

Up the 15 Freeway between Victorville and Oro Grande there are a lot of hills to roam around in and a lot of mines to explore.

If you don't mind a little drive you can go to Bee Canyon a few miles out I10 near Beaumont. Or if you like mud about 45 minutes the other way you can go to Azusa Canyon.
But if you live in Fontana then Cleghorn is the best. It's close to you and it has everything from mild to almost wild.

Bee Canyon is too far to drive. Cleghorn is close and is easy unless you want to take the difficult offshoots. The trail from Old Rt 66, Applewhite Road over the ridge into Lytle Creek is a beautiful drive, all powerline road.

X2 for Cleghorn! if you stay on the fireroad it's easy. If you take some of the offshoots it can get hairy! The offshoots meet back up with the fire road usually after a few hundred yards. One or two is a mile or so but they always meet back up to the fire road.

If you dont want to go off roading alone check out "The NotaRubicon". I forget his name but takes groups up to Clegorn and other Jeep runs from easy to difficult all the time. The Facebook page is



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