Banning Haunted Payless Shoe Store

In Banning, there is a shoe store, a Payless Shoe Store that has had it fair number of reports of a little boy that appears in the break room at the back of the store... Legend says that the little boy came into the store with his mother and wanted a pair of shoes really bad... His mother didn't buy it for him and he was quite upset... He ran out of the store and was hit by a car......

This store has not kept employees for long because each time a new employee sees the apparition, they just quit without telling anyone.. It is said that the boy appears right before the store opens and right before it closes at night.. But there is now another rumor that has it that the boy is actually the ghost of a young man who disappeared back in the 90's and was later found murdered near the present location of the store.


i use to live there and went there several times @ different hrs and didnt see any thing, but it doesnt mean that there isnt anything there u know ? i applies acouple of times so that i could get the chance to see the apperition but never got a call back...

were is this payless located????

It's located in Banning on Highland Springs Ave and 1st. I live right across the street you can see it from my house but I haven't been in there yet though

You must live near me..I live across the street too..and can see the store from my window

I[ve been in there couple of times and asked the clerk if she's heard anything about this story and said she hasn't > I also live across the street behind the empty field and the hospital building....I can walk there but I won't too lazy should though need exercise too fat...I can always go buy some tennis shoes and walk home in them...heehee

payless is located in banning by k Mart

i work in payless you can here people vamping shoes..... and its when were closing were doing money count.....

Really??? I can see that store too, weird huh? I have not seen the store lately though since my crystal ball went on the fritz, hoping to get it fixed real soon. LOL bullshit!!!

its wierd that i went to payless with my cuzins and i did not see anything


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