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Adelanto was founded in 1915 by E. H. Richardson, the inventor of what became the Hotpoint Electric Iron. He sold his patent and purchased land for $75,000. He had planned to develop one of the first master planned communities in Southern California. Richardson subdivided his land into one-acre plots, which he hoped to sell to veterans with respiratory ailments suffered during World War I. He also hoped to build a respiratory hospital. While Richardson never fully realized his dream, it was his planning that laid the foundation for what is currently the City of Adelanto. Acre after acre of deciduous fruit trees once grew in the city.

Adelanto, incorporated in 1970, is located on US Highway 395, in the California High Desert, 35 miles (56KM) north of San Bernardino via Interstate 15. Highway 395, "The Three Flags Highway", provides a direct link between Baja California and Canada. Caltrans reports an average of 14,000 vehicles go through Adelanto daily on this busy highway. Interstate 15 provides a route north to Nevada and south to the metropolitan Las Angeles and San Diego area.
The cool prevailing winds from the southwest provide a nearly smog free environment throughout the year. Average temperatures range from a minimum of 30 F (-1 C) in January to a maximum of 96 F (36 C) in August. Average annual rainfall is 5.5 inches (14 cm) occurring primarily during the winter months with some additional accumulation from summer thunderstorms.

Adelanto City Facts

  • Incorporated: December 22, 1970
  • Elevation: Elevation ranges from 1,894 to 3,100. Winter night temperatures reach as low as 15 degrees, and snow falls approximately twice a year. There are approximately 32 days in the year when the temperature is over 100 degrees.
  • Square Miles: The city limits encompass approximately 52 square miles. Its sphere of influence extends that figure to approximately 77 square miles.
  • Population: 23,419 (May 2005)
  • City Motto: ADELANTO. In Spanish, the word means "to go forward" or "to progress." Throughout its history, our city has demonstrated a strong commitment to live up to its name.
  • County: San Bernardino County

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