Rancho Cucamonga

The city of Rancho Cucamonga, California

Reporting Dead Birds in San Bernardino County

This morning we found a very fresh, but very dead owl in the back yard.  We've had a nest of very noisy owls in the neighborhood for about two years and they even took up residence in our chimney for a while.  It was sad to see such a beautiful bird like this but I was more concerned about the possibility of West Nile Virus.  We had a particularly bad outbreak of dead birds and West Nile Virus in San Bernardino County about 10 years ago but honestly I have not thought much about it since then.

A Blog for Alta Loma

I am so moved. A blog dedicated to my home town! I grew up in RC, well Alta Loma, and LOVED it. We moved Eastward when I was 15. I still drive by my old house, hoping to buy it back one day. Thoroughbred was one of the highlights of Dec for us back then. Called up all our friends to see which parents would drive us up there! Wow just the memories alone are great. I'm hoping to go this week with my soon to be 17 year old son (Dec 25) and my boyfriend. I'm just so happy they are still twinkling after all these years!

No Chaffey College Parking Tickets Are Not Enforceable ?

No Chaffey College Parking Sign Are you one of the hundreds of Chaffey College students recently greeted with a parking ticket on the windshield of your car for parking on a street designated as "No Chaffey College Parking" ?  Well don't fret, the tickets are not enforceable and some have gone so far as to declare these parking tickets are not legal.