Cherry Valley

9th Annual Lavender Festival

Each summer, Highland Springs Resort celebrates the beginning of lavender harvest season by hosting the annual Lavender Festival. Offering family-friendly events and activities, visitors are invited to stroll through the winding paths of organic lavender fields, participate in guided tours in horse-drawn hay wagons, learn how lavender essential oil is extracted, taste lavender-inspired dishes and enjoy live music. An area dedicated to kids’ activities offers crafts, a petting zoo, horseshoe tossing and croquet.

Witches House

blue barn The house looks like a normally two story hous but legend has it that in side there were never stairs built into the house because they would just fly around. Also in the barn half of the bottom is stone and the top part is wood. Supposidly where the stone is dead people are held there. The House is gated off yet there are ways of access....