Cherry Valley

Information about Cherry Valley, California

Cherry Valley is famous for its small local markets that sell cherry Pies, Apple Pies, and in fact any and every thing Cherry.

Located in a protective canyon at the Base of Mt San Gorgorno, one of Southern California's highest Peaks, Cherry Valley has one of those small islolated mini climates so common to the IE. For a few moments you will think you are back in West Virgina with all of the Cherry and Birch Trees.

123 Farm Sheep Shearing Family Event

This special event will feature Graciano, the sheep shearer, who will demonstrate how the sheep are freed from their warm winter woollies at 123 Farm.
Participants will also be able to see what happens to the fleece once it leaves the
sheep (washing, carding, dyeing, and spinning) and to meet the sixty lambs that
have been born recently.

11 AM TO 2 PM
$12 Adults $8 Students (6-17 years old) FREE for 5 years old and under
10600 Highland Springs Ave., Cherry Valley, CA 92223 Telephone 951-845-1151