Information about Beaumont, California

Founded at the turn of the twentieth century, Beaumont is a small community that is proud of its rich history and rural charm. The town served as a welcome “stopping-off point” for early travelers making their way from the Mohave desert to Los Angeles, and later for L.A. residents eager to vacation in Palm Springs.

And for those who worked in the various courts in the Inland Empire as I did, The stop in Beaumont on the way back from either Indio or Palm Springs courts at the truck stop was always anticapted with the knowledge that a good meal and conversation could be had at Haddleys Date Farm right on the 10 freeway.

Beaumont City Information

Beaumont City Hall Address:
550 East Sixth Street
Beaumont, CA Population: 21,000 - Currently
Zip Code: 92223
Phone: 951.769.8520
Fax: 951.769.8526
Square Miles: 30
Elevation 2630 feet

Beaumont Chamber of Commerce

Address: 726 Beaumont Ave
City: Beaumont, CA
Zip Code: 92223
Phone: 951.845.9541
Fax: 951.769.9080

Ghost at Sunnyslope Graveyard

I am hesitant to post my full encounter. Only because it is 100% true, but, totally sounds like something outta a cheesy scary movie. Additionally, my backyard faces the cemetery and I would hate to attract late night weirdos looking for a thrill to the cemetery... keeping me up all night. Prior to moving here, I had not experienced anything like what I have encountered here in my home and in the surrounding area.

Grand opening of New Club 6.22.12

The Function Friday nights inside Mexicali Bar and Grill located 1690 Spruce St. Riverside CA 92507. Offering weekly events, parties, concerts and social mixers from 9pm to 2am The Function is one of the hottest networks for mingling, dancing, and partying in the Inland Empire. Featuring live performances from the artist you love The Function is the IE'S premier nightlife destination for Friday night fun and entertainment. Events are 21 plus. Bar happy hours are 7pm-9pm. For more information or guest list call (310)402-8626 email

Sunnyslope Cemetery in Beaumont

We recently visited the Sunnyslope graveyard in Beaumont to do some EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recording sessions. Sunnyslope isn't a very old cemetery but it is widely reported to be haunted. The stories indicate a phantom grounds keeper that disappears into his haunted shed, cold hands touching you, and hearing screaming, moaning and people talking when no one is around.